Keith Fawcett

Mr. Fawcett works closely with both public and private sector clients to improve their performance. For over 20 years, Mr. Fawcett has helped clients re-engineer their procurement, supply chain, organizational design, analytics, and business processes. His experience spans multiple sectors but is concentrated within healthcare and information technology. Mr. Fawcett also has significant international experience; he has supported clients in Germany, The United Kingdom, France, Indonesia, The Philippines, Japan, South Africa, and Kenya.

Mr. Fawcett is currently working to solve the most critical strategic and operational challenges of his public sector clients. In a recent project, Mr. Fawcett assisted multiple Ministries and 44 different offices within Indonesia to improve procurement operations. Similarly, Mr. Fawcett recently supported Pentagon senior leadership in addressing performance and cost issues with a portfolio of contracts valued at over 1.5 billion USD.

Mr. Fawcett won a fellowship at Harvard University, where he received his MBA from Harvard Business School. He also completed post-graduate studies in economics, public policy, and healthcare at the University of Oxford. He received his MS in Health System Management from George Mason University with a concentration in information technology. Mr. Fawcett also holds a BS in economics and nursing from the University of Virginia. He is published through Harvard Business Publishing: “Sustainability in the Philippines: Ayala Land and the Nuvali Project.”