Procurement of Design Services for Inland Waterway Vessels in South Asia

Development of Standard Design with Latest Greening Technology on Conducting Required CFD and Scale Model Testing in the Model Testing Tank and Towing Basis


Washington Business Dynamics (WBD), as the Prime contractor for the USAID Private Sector Engagement (PSE) Support Mechanism, is seeking submissions from qualified contractors to provide design services for new inland waterway transport vessels that will be deployed in India and Bangladesh. Three prospective vessel types have been identified through initial pre-feasibility analyses and WBD is seeking firms that can develop designs for one or more of these vessels. WBD will award one or more subcontracts to qualified firms that submit a bid that meets the standards outlined in the Request for Proposal.

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The availability of a quality fleet is a major constraint for further and increased development of inland waterway transport between India and Bangladesh and possibly further to landlocked countries. For the future, it is of paramount importance that new vessels entering the market are future proof, considering the life-cycles of vessels and, specifically, engines. Future proof in this respect refers to efficiency, safety, and environmental performance. Considering the expected future growth of inland waterway transportation (IWT), it is important to assess vessel requirements in line with vessel greening trends.

Based on a previously completed international benchmarking study and analysis of the existing fleet structures in Bangladesh and India, a proposal for the design of three vessel types is requested from interested vessel design companies/consultancy firm or institutes and shipyards engaged in the design and construction of all types of vessels including inland, port, and harbour vessels.

RFP - Inland Vessel Design Study USAID

RFP - Vessel Design Price Template

RFP - Q&A Responses


The main objective of the assignment shall be to develop the design for:

  • economic & energy efficiency;
  • low operational cost;
  • higher dead weight/carrying capacity and number of passengers;
  • high safety level;
  • low/zero emissions, incorporating international benchmark greening technology and tools.

The three vessel types to be designed are:

  1. RoPax vessel:
    1. (Upgrade of) design for river crossing or limited distance in longitudinal direction
    2. Application of zero-emission ready solution is required & application of zero-emission technology directly is an advantage
  2. Dry cargo vessel / multi-purpose vessel
    1. Design for longer distances operating on national waterways and/or Indo-Bangladesh Protocol routes
    2. Application of zero-emission ready solution is an advantage
  3. Motor tanker vessels
    1. Design for carrying dangerous (chemical) goods or other types of liquid bulk, including port of loading
    2. Application of zero-emission ready solution is an advantage

The Inland Waterways Authority of India, as project beneficiary and counterpart on the India side, along with Indian inland waterway transport experts, naval architects and multiple representatives of the Indian shipbuilding industry, were consulted to confirm the relevance for drafting new inland vessel designs for the proposed vessel types. Positive feedback was received from the IWT market on the vessel types, as well as on the request to prepare proposals for the design of zero-emission (ready) inland vessels.

If a firm is interested in submitting a bid to design one or more of the proposed vessel type, please review the requirements of the RFP and use the provided budget template to develop a price estimate for the design services. The RFP, budget template, and Q&A files are provided above.

Interested bidders may submit password protected Price Proposals, as desired. The review committee will indicate that the bidder’s technical design has been accepted prior to asking for the password and reviewing the Price Proposal. This is not a requirement and bidder’s are encouraged to submit proposals that are not password protected. All information submitted as part of this procurement is confidential and protected, and submitting a Price Proposal either way will not positively or negatively affect review of the bidder’s proposed designs and accompanying cost.

All questions should be directed to Submissions are due before September 18, 2022 at 23:59 IST / 14:29 EDT and should be submitted to

Submission Deadline September 18, 2022 23:59 IST / 14:29 EDT