Business Process Engineering


Helping organizations work smarter through intelligent workflows

At WBD, our consultants help your organization streamline end-to-end processes to reduce waste and enhance performance outcomes. Our experts guide process owners through assessments, redesigns, and stakeholder adoption to help unlock your organization’s full potential.

Our Solutions

Process Redesign

We partner with process owners at every tier of the organization to drive transformational change and generate value. WBD employs both top-down value chain mapping and bottom-up value stream mapping utilizing Lean Six Sigma principles.

Process Implementation

Our experts help you improve your customer experience through continuous process improvement. Our experts ensure practical, sustainable process improvements through stakeholder workshops and process adoption tactics.

Risk Management

Our findings show that advancing operational maturity boosts your efficiency and profitability in the long-term. Our enterprise risk management methodology not only incorporates risk intervention, but it also prioritizes root cause analyses and systematic mitigation strategies.

Our Results

Unlocking Your Full Potential

WBD team members have completed hundreds of collective process re-design projects. Through these projects, we’ve helped our clients:

  • Refocus value to increase business impact
  • Redesign core processes, often using information technology
  • Improve horizontal and vertical business processes

Success Story

Defense Information Systems Agency Joint Service Provider — Process Redesign

Kaizen is the belief that small changes over long periods of time result in significant change and improvement. WBD created Kaizen Blitz process improvement workshops to implement gradual, continuous process improvements with JSP stakeholders. This intensive, collaborative approach to process improvement ensured that stakeholders were integral to assessing the current state, designing the future state, and adjusting the organization to new operations.



Building for a New Climate Reality

Record-breaking costs in infrastructure damage are increasing every year due to climate-change disasters in the United States. Climate resilient infrastructure must be designed to meet the new climate reality, and mitigation measures added to existing structures.

“Buying Clean” and Sustainable Public Procurement: New Opportunities for Federal Contractors

Global warming due to greenhouse gas emissions is the number one threat to the environment and the economy for everyone, everywhere. To increase resilience to a changing climate, nearly every human activity must embrace more sustainable practices to limit global...

State of the Industry: Project Management Certification

Project management is a difficult discipline that cuts across organizations globally. Global demand for top-talent in project management continues to rise, and organizations are increasingly seeking advice on how to identify and hire the best project managers. In...

Human-Centered Design Solves Client Needs

Human-centered design offers innovative solutions by placing human needs at the center of the problem-solving process. The designers from organizations that employ human-centered design seek first to thoroughly understand the people who are experiencing the problem before crafting a solution to solve the needs of their clients.

Acquisition Alert: The PRICE Act of 2021

Shortening the Long Pole of the Acquisition Tent The Promoting Rigorous and Innovative Cost Efficiencies for Federal Procurement and Acquisitions Act of 2021 (PRICE Act of 2021) was signed by President Biden on 02/22/2022. The PRICE Act intends to improve acquisitions...

Change Management’s ADKAR Model

The ADKAR Model is a proven means to facilitate change management. The model provides a clear, step-by-step way for organizations to adopt new processes and procedures.

Five Steps for a Successful CRM Rollout

A well-defined CRM implementation plan that includes project management, testing, training, and appropriate tools can ensure as successful CRM rollout.

U.S. Federal Agencies Create New Technologies to Help Solve Climate Challenges

Three U.S. Federal agencies, the Department of Energy, USDA, and the EPA, are funding new research and technologies to tackle the climate crisis and reduce greenhouse gasses.

Private Sector Investment in Biotechnology Improves Global Vaccine Production and Distribution

Biomanufacturing plants for vaccine production and distribution is an expensive investment, confining most plants — and their vaccine distribution — to wealthier countries. Private sector investment in biomanufacturing in low-to middle-income countries can create the global health infrastructure necessary for equitable vaccine distribution.

Modernizing Financial Management Practices for the Department of Defense

]Multiple DoD financial management practices are rated “high-risk” according to two U.S. oversight bodies responsible for mitigating federal inefficiency and waste. The Government Accountability Office and DoD Inspector General cite ineffective financial management...

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