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A Year in the Life: Radu Simion

October 2, 2020

After 12 months with WBD, I had the opportunity to speak directly with my colleagues and the firm’s partners about my successes, areas for growth, and the firm’s path ahead. The performance review was honest and supportive, with everyone involved providing me with critical feedback to develop both personally and professionally. Taking part in a 360-degree review process, I was able to gain valuable insight into the steps I need to take to become a better consultant. WBD provides unique opportunities to get involved in firm development, flex into different areas of interest, move up quickly based upon strong performance, and maximize one’s consulting potential.

When I joined WBD back in August of 2019, I knew I would have to do my part in helping the firm grow, deliver quality deliverables to clients, and help our federal counterparts make better decisions. From day one, I was given an immense amount of responsibility and autonomy. I was trusted with high-impact and high-visibility projects, empowered to make tough decisions, and challenged to think critically to help our clients overcome their biggest hurdles.

Looking back on my first year with WBD, three key insights come to mind that showcase the firm’s strong ability to build up its consultants and maintain a great work environment.

Opportunity for Immense Responsibility

At the moment, I am leading and supporting a number of important firm initiatives, including: (1) managing the development of an in-house artificial intelligence tool; (2) leading proposals for domestic and international opportunities, with a focus on the Department of Homeland Security; (3) directing the renewal process for more than 700 Support Agreements for a defense client and its customer base; and, (4) supporting the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Private Sector Engagement Support Mechanism with programmatic Competency assistance.

Flexibility, Adaptability, and Autonomy

Throughout my year at WBD, I have witnessed the lean operating model of the company first-hand. With COVID-19 causing hardship for government agencies and telework becoming increasingly normalized, I have seen WBD shift and adapt to continue to provide unbridled support to our clientele. I’ve played a part in crafting my own schedule to make sure I can continue to support all four areas in which I am involved, with WBD providing the tools and insight necessary for me to continue to be successful.

WBD has allowed me to grow professionally, learn from committed mentors, and push my own boundaries as I continue to develop into a leader. Our firm has maintained strong cohesion through virtual means, allowing my colleagues and me to stay in touch, collaborate on important projects, and learn from one another via Zoom and Teams. With this backbone, I have been able to build my financial, interpersonal, and technical skills, as well as maintain important relationships with my fellow consultants.

I look forward to another year of supporting our unique client base, becoming involved in new initiatives and meeting new faces, and continuing to do my part in making WBD a great place to work. We are only as strong as the ties that bind us, and I am grateful for the chance to build upon what the firm has created so far and to embrace my new role as a firm Lead

With every discussion and project at the firm, leadership ensures that we understand why our work matters. I was shown that my impact is noticed and that my actions and opinions are appreciated.

Working for WBD has provided me with the opportunity to realize my potential and to accomplish my career goals. It has been a true honor working for WBD this first year, and I look forward to what the future holds. In the next year, I am excited to mentor incoming consultants, hone my leadership skills, and strengthen my expertise in various subject matter to provide staunch consulting services to current and future WBD clients.

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