Corporate Social Responsibility

WBD is committed to giving back to the community. Each year, we ask our employees to make a difference through volunteer work, and to produce real action that betters our society. Our goal is to make sure that each employee is aware of how their actions can impact those around us. 

WBD has most recently made strong efforts to help the veteran community around the Washington, D.C. area. This has included providing support for the Department of Veterans Affairs homelessness program and U.S. VETS.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Veteran Community Partner

U.S. Vets

Our Values

Entrepreneurial Spirit

WBD employees are expected to be more than “self-starters,” they are “self-managers.” WBD’s best consultants take charge of every aspect of their career from start to finish; task to contract. 

Collaborative Approach

At WBD, every employee is surrounded by smart and relentless self-managers. In order to sustain excellence and develop managerial skills, WBD teammates must buy-in to the idea that they are part of a collective. 

Relentless Spirit

Every member of the WBD team attacks obstacles or setbacks head on, never  taking their foot off the pedal until the job is done.

Our Story

In 2012, WBD co-founders Scott Caldwell and Keith Fawcett crafted a plan for a different kind of consulting firm: a smarter, more agile one with professionals who have the drive to uncover and repair the deepest flaws in the largest of institutions. A firm that puts its clients first.


Our founders’ vow to help clients make better decisions remains WBD’s mission to this day. Our teams apply cutting-edge solutions to the government’s greatest operational and mission-critical challenges. Since our founding, WBD’s strategies have informed a wide range of projects, from multi-billion dollar defense deals to agricultural microfinance programs. Together, WBD helps our world make better decisions.

WBD also follows a rigorous standard for Environmental Responsibility. Please read more about our Greenhouse Gas Management Statement and Methodology here