Operations & Supply Chain Management

Optimizing Operations and Supply Chains for Organizational Resilience

Building procurement and supply chain resiliency in a complex, interconnected world.

Our expertise in business operations and supply chain management propel organizations over fluctuations in the market. In a volatile economy, we understand the importance of modeling, redesigning procurement systems, and accounting for rapidly evolving digital transformation.

WBD uses technological and analytic capabilities to improve delivery performance and promote an agile environment. By identifying bottlenecks, root causes, or opportunities for improvement, we create transformational plans to guide system strengthening investments.

Our Solutions

Acquisition & Procurement

WBD’s network of procurement experts have oversight and experience across a variety of different sectors which engenders complimentary analyses and results for our clients. We deliver innovation by investing heavily in researching and publishing on subjects such as: procurement information systems, economic contract theory, digital solutions, and propriety.

Financial Management

WBD combines industry and financial experience to improve investment capabilities across organizations. Our extensive experience providing financial management support includes creating financial management systems, streamlining reporting and analyses procedures, and having in-depth knowledge of financial management regulations and policies.

Supply Chain Resiliency

Combatting fragile supply chains in an interconnected world is a welcome challenge for WBD procurement experts. Using in-depth analysis, artificial intelligence, and agile operating models, processes are refined and optimized to overcome any challenge coming your way.

Our Results

Reduce Cost, Improve Processes

WBD’s process improvement tools provided senior DoD leadership with a customized cloud-based portal and reduced DISA’s costs by over $100 million through the identification of gaps in the supply chain.

Success Stories

Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)

At DISA, WBD developed an Agency-wide management tool within SharePoint which house an automated requirement development, review, and submission process. This has accelerated the pace of operations.

Learn more about how WBD worked to develop software systems and architectural designs to support DISA’s financial contractual logistics and has aggregated data from various separated military departments.


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