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Deploying data analytics to advance agility and foster innovation

By using innovative technologies and services, our data scientists provide end-to-end solutions that unlock the strategic and operational value of the ever-growing pool of data available to organizations. We collaborate with clientele to unleash the power and potential of artificial intelligence to gain insights and drive innovation in a complex and dynamic world. We support clientele in harnessing data at scale to design and deliver highly personalized experiences and seamlessly connected services.

Our Solutions

Financial Management

Our financial analysts will empower you to optimize spending as well as to transform your organization’s culture of fiscal responsibility.

Data Governance

We support our clients in establishing and maintaining key data management frameworks to ensure that the data within their environment is fit for use and improves decision-making.

Strategic Roadmaps

Utilizing environmental analyses, our strategists develop playbooks that chart a clear path forward for mission success.

Our Results

Using Data-Driven Insights to Propel you Forward

Our data scientists and strategic communications domain experts blended artificial intelligence tools with proprietary communication frameworks to support senior Department of Defense leadership in transforming the way in which they engaged with stakeholders. Our approach enabled the creation of highly-customized and personalized communications. This led to the identification of profound new insights for organizational strategy, alignment, and operations.

Success Stories


While Senegal has higher levels of economic stability than some of its neighbors, the costs and unreliability of electricity production is a large barrier to the country’s continued economic growth. Our data scientists partnered with domain experts to generate a data analytics map of electrical production and delivery models within Senegal. This led to the identification of problematic reinforcing and diminishing causal loops in the system which had never been identified. Our analysis provided Senegal with full situational awareness of issues within the electrical production value-chain for the first time.

Find out how WBD was able to provide data-driven solutions to help expand access to affordable electricity.

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