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Harnessing the Power of IT to Transform Enterprises

Utilizing advanced analytical tools to drive calculated business decisions

At Washington Business Dynamics, we employ the latest quantitative techniques to develop evidence-based solutions for your organization’s toughest challenges. Through automation, forecasting, and data collection, we will enable your organization to carry out its mission effectively and efficiently.

Our Solutions

Risk Mitigation

Using our proven enterprise risk management framework, we address challenges before they come into fruition and develop mitigation strategies cross-cutting organizational lines.

Impact Analysis

For organizations seeking in-depth analysis on operational changes, we examine the trail of business decisions that led to certain outcomes and impacts – beginning with risk forecasting and ending with data analysis.

Feasibility Assessments

We provide our clients with project viability assessments and screening tools to deliver accurate estimations and predict realistic outcomes for your next venture.

Automated Analysis/AI

We recognize the benefits of automating processes and use advanced data-analytic capabilities to push your organization forward.

Cloud Computing

Adopting cloud technology provides greater flexibility and security for your organization. In order to make that migration from your current service to the cloud seamless, our experts scale cloud computing services to prioritize security, efficiency, and sustainability.

Application Development

Application Development
We develop applications that elevate data-driven decision-making processes and facilitate organization-wide collaboration.

Our Results

Quantitative Analyses to Optimize Decision-making

Our analytical expertise enables us to inform our partners with the most accurate analytical insights. This methodology ensures your organization makes well-informed decisions that directly support the mission.

Success Stories


Our acquisition specialists and data scientists collaborated to develop a cutting-edge machine learning tool that streamlines workflows, improves process transparency, and manages complex document flows. Arrow has proven capable of managing a $1.2 billion contract portfolio and more than 800 annual contract actions annually – ultimately helping enhance automation and efficiency for federal acquisition offices.

Learn more about how our team’s ARROW tool is merging our digital capabilities with our acquisition chops to advance federal missions.

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Our Results

Aggregating Data for Structural and Organizational Change

We transition our clients into a cloud-based system to ensure vital data is properly tracked and backed up. Cloud computing provides organizations with access to vital information for quick-burn quantitative analysis and any organization transitions.

Success Stories

Conducting Technical Evaluations for DHRA 

Based on our prior experience supporting source selections within procurement, WBD developed workflow designs, standardized templates, and consolidated feedback from TEB personnel to encourage fruitful reviews that aligned with solicitation and evaluation requirements for DHRA. We facilitated technical evaluations to deliver a customized source selection software tool and hardware, troubleshooting services, and consensus discussions.

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