Strategy & Transformation

Translating Mission Requirements into Strategic Vision

Harnessing the Power of Strategic Value

WBD uses leading strategic models and data analytics to chart organizational strategies, navigate large-scale transformations, and build resilient operating models. Our experts aim to ultimately drive strategic business decisions for growth, profitability, and sustainability.

Our Solutions

Strategic Planning

In today's competitive global landscape, organizations must foster a culture of innovation and adapt to emerging mission requirements. We identify internal inhibitors and deploy interventions that serve as a catalyst for sustained performance outcomes. Our strategists partner with executive leaders to develop forward-thinking strategies, roadmaps, and playbooks that drive mission success.

Business Process Engineering

WBD deploys industry best practices to systematically eliminate waste and enhance business performance. Our experts partner with business process owners and subject matter experts to design future state processes, develop implementation plans, and foster stakeholder adoption. WBD’s end-to-end business process engineering is tailored toward your unique operating environment, customer base, and desired performance outcomes.

Project Management

Our team uses its inter-disciplinary expertise to enhance organizational maturity and help leaders navigate change. Our consultants achieve these results by preparing readiness assistance, resistance management plans, and process re-engineering.

Our Results

U.S. Agency for International Development – Private Sector Engagement Strategy

WBD partnered with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to develop a strategy and operational plan for the implementation of the USAID Private Sector Engagement Policy across the globe. This strategy and implementation plan plays a critical role in advancing sustainable development outcomes and contributing to the Agency’s Journey to Self-Reliance.

Learn how WBD collaborated with USAID leadership to strengthen Private Sector Engagement and achieve strategic sustainable development outcomes at greater scale here.

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Success Stories

Federal Emergency Management Agency – IT Strategic Planning & Implementation

Our team has created long-range strategic plans and visionary documents across 10+ Federal Agencies. At the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), we facilitate strategic planning meetings with Senior Executive Service (SES) members, Flag Officers, and other senior leaders to develop strategies that cascade into tactical and operational plans. Our approach aligns with portfolio, program, and project management best practices and references organizational elements such as Planning, Programming, Budget, and Execution. To galvanize our plans, we deliver comprehensive strategic communications and outreach engagements to drive stakeholder adoption and alignment.

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