WBD partners with clients to develop an enduring vision and refine tactical steps necessary to achieve performance-driven results.

How We Do It

Strategic playbooks that define direction and boost performance through proven best practices.

Integrated communication strategies that foster buy-in among both internal and external stakeholders as well as continuously monitoring feedback to adjust strategic direction.

Bridging innovation with sustainable solutions to ensure our client’s strategic vision is measurable, result-oriented and malleable to changing needs.

Contract Vehicles

GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS)
CIOPS3 Support

Strategic Planning

  • Assessing industry and customer trends
  • Creating delineated goals, adaptable tactics, and detailed procedures
  • Determining staffing, budget, and financing needs

Change Management

  • Outlining organizational theory best practices to build adaptable designs
  • Building Standard Operating Procedures, checklists, and process improvement maps
  • Developing integrated stakeholder engagement strategies

Process Improvement

  • Using the Lean Six Sigma methodology to remove waste and reduce variation
  • Engaging all stakeholders within the process to ensure full buy-in and to create lasting solutions

Capability Building

  • Identifying organizational gaps to better inform growth strategies
  • Informing organizational design and investment decisions

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