Selecting the Best Product

to Achieve your Goals

In the wake of growing budget cuts and regulation requirements, government agencies must receive top-tier contract management support in order to achieve mission success. WBD delivers that support by providing a holistic approach to the acquisition lifecycle. This method transforms reactive, fragmented practices into a single, proactive process.


How We Do It

  • Establishing policies that ensure regulatory compliance, reduce risk, and improve performance
  • Designing, deploying, and providing continuous quality improvement to Standard Operating Procedures
  • Supporting solicitation packages from the initial requirements development stage through contract management and administration
  • Customizing contract management plans to each contract’s unique performance standards

Core Capabilities

  • Pre-Award Support
  • Post-Award Support
  • Acquisition Training
  • Program and Project Management
  • Acquisition Policy
  • Contract Management
  • Virtual Acquisition Portal


  • Contract Consolidations: Making duplicate contracts obsolete
  • Simplified Work Streams: Making communication better
  • Resource Allocation: Making your organization dynamic