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Allen Jamerson Joins WBD as Strategic Advisory Board Member

March 10, 2021

WBD welcomes Retired Brigadier General Allen J. Jamerson to its Strategic Advisory Board. Designed to guide the firm through the next phase of its maturation, the board of three assists in strategic development, employee growth, business development, and mentoring across the firm.

Jamerson served for 30 years in the U.S. Air Force, and was previously the Director of Security Forces, where he was the focal point for ensuring the security of over 37,000 personnel deployed worldwide. His responsibilities included organizing, training, and equipping that force.

Jamerson’s past experiences span all levels of large organizations, and his leadership qualities have been salient for entry-level employees as well as Senior Executives. When asked about his start with WBD, Jamerson stated that he was beyond excited to be a part of the Advisory Board, especially since he knew the WBD President and Co-founder Scott Caldwell when he was a young airman.

“I first met Scott when he was young, and I was the military base commander. I was shocked to learn that such a young person was in charge of one of our safety programs. But after seeing how he took on the initiative, while going to school part-time, I know that this firm’s leadership has potential. To join them now, after the firm’s tremendous growth, is truly inspirational. I know that the sky is the limit here.”

As a WBD board member, Jamerson will play many roles. The first is to provide across the firm and ensure that WBD’s high performing ethos continues as the firm grows. He is looking to bring talent to the company, and wants to enhance the culture, improve training, and provide all necessary resources to its employees.

“I believe people at all levels can take on initiative and do great things. The goal is a culture where people do not need guidance or complete information to act. They may need course correction, but that is easy,” he said.

Second, Jamerson will help improve the firm’s ability to support U.S. Government clients. With his long career in federal service, he is intimately familiar with many WBD clients’ unique requirements and mission needs. He stated that he does not see himself as a regular corporate board. “I am a conduit to get people to think more broadly.”

Mr. Jamerson joins Ambassador Robert Blake, Jr. and Julie Barth on the WBD Advisory Board. So far, they have spoken to more than half of the firm on the firm’s future outlook and upcoming opportunities in the domestic, international, and commercial space.

When asked about the Advisory Board, Mr. Caldwell stated that “it was an honor that they were willing to join us. Mr. Jamerson’s distinguished career and experiences will be essential in taking us to the next level.”

Allen Jamerson holds a B.A. and B.S. from UNC, a M.A. from Webster University, and a M.S. in Strategic Studies from the U.S. Army War College.

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