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Best. Year. Ever.

October 19, 2020

WBD is proud to be among the small businesses playing an increasingly important role at the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). On October 16, USAID announced it had awarded almost $900 million to American small businesses in Fiscal Year 2020 — “the Agency’s best performance ever in supporting U.S. entrepreneurs.” A USAID Press Release noted that, “Expanding investments in U.S. small businesses is a core part of the Agency’s continuing efforts to expand and diversify this important partner base.”

Just one year ago, WBD and its teaming partners, Booz Allen Hamilton and Planet Partnerships, received a $33 million-dollar award to support USAID in implementing its flagship Private Sector Engagement Policy. The policy helps mobilize private capital to accelerate countries’ “Journey to Self-Reliance” by financing their own development. Through the new Private Sector Support Mechanism (PSE Support), a rapid delivery vehicle of comprehensive private sector engagement support to USAID, WBD and its partners are providing technical assistance, corporate relationship management, communications and conference support, and training on private sector engagement approaches to USAID headquarters and mission staff worldwide.

By strengthening internal resources, capacities, and skills through all levels of USAID staffing, the PSE Support team is bolstering USAID’s capacity to work hand-in-hand with business, industry, and private enterprise to unlock private investment and achieve sustainable development outcomes at greater scale. PSE Support and its emphasis on strategic collaboration helps USAID Missions develop private sector relationships to generate co-creation opportunities and achieve outcomes at scale.

“Our Private Sector Engagement Support team at WBD has already delivered on what we do best: help our clients make better decisions,” says Scott Caldwell, President of WBD.

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