The Defense Human Resources Activity Enterprise Operations Center faced the challenge of ensuring accurate, effective, and on-schedule Technical Evaluation Board (TEB) reviews


  • Evaluation Training: This ensures all inexperienced TEB personnel understand their responsibilities as evaluators. Our source selection experts advised and guided DHRA TEB personnel through our customized source selection tools, solicitation requirements, and evaluation criteria to ensure consistent, compliant, and on-schedule TEB reviews.
  • Facilitation of Technical Evaluation: WBD delivered customized source selection software tool and hardware, troubleshooting services, and consensus discussions.  Our experts developed workflow designs, standardized templates, and consolidated feedback from TEB personnel to encourage fruitful reviews that aligned with solicitation and evaluation requirements.
  •  Secure Sensitive Source Selection Information: DHRA TEBs convene to evaluate quotes/proposals. Our team established local area networks (LANs) that were inaccessible to outside networks and non-TEB personnel by analyzing tools previously used   at other Federal agencies.