JSP Communications

Leveraging integrated and agile strategic communications and change management campaigns aided DISA JSP to meet customer needs following multiple business transformations.


The Joint Serivce Provider and its diverse offices supply IT services to 55,000+ customers across the National Capital Region. Each one of JSP’s customers has a critical mission; any connectivity issues or a lapse in service is not an option, even during organizational transitions. Because of this, JSP required myriad solutions for organizaton alignment, performance measurement and risk management, management analysis, strategic communciations, and program and project support.

  • Waggl: WBD managed a front office support team using Waggl, our dynamic crowd-sourcing tool. We leveraged Waggl’s data visualization capabilities to establish performance baselines, perform predictive analyses, and conduct data mining on a wide-range of enterprise management processes. These insights ultimately informed the organization’s strategic planning, strategic communications, and organizational re-alignments.
  • Project Copernicus: To support organizational alignment, WBD launched a change management program, called Project Copernicus. The program focuses on six core areas that managed collectively serve to drive the JSP forward amidst initial resistance to change and pervasive under-empowerment. These include: process improvement, strategic communications, employee development, workforce planning, IT adoption, and contractor relations. WBD has achieved many of senior leadership’s organizational alignment objectives with Project Copernicus, including: cataloging enterprise process architecture to reduce redundancy, gaps and misunderstanding for decision authority; Developing and institutionalized a 2020 Strategic Plan and IT roadmap as a leader communication tool; Identifying change advocates, change coalitions, and key sources of resistance; Identifying pervasive root cause issues and enabled concentration of resources for resolution (e.g. development resources on frontline leadership); Driving more than a 50 percent increase in employee portal traffic, ensuring leaders’ messaging is internalized by staff; Reducing vacancies through workforce planning and recruiting strategy; Improving voluntary turnover predictability by 20 percent based on aggregated focus group data; and, Identifying resistance management and deploying Delta Team to mitigate enterprise risk.
  • Performance Measurement and Risk Management: WBD conducted performance measurement and risk management activities in support of all segments of JSP, including the Front Office, Acquisition Management Division, Financial Management Division, Customer Service Center, Enterprise Services Center, Cybersecurity Center, and Architecture, Configuration, Engineering and Solutions Center. These process and workflow recommendations are designed to meet the goals of measurable cost reductions, service improvements, quality enhancements, and reduced cycle times. Overall, we use performance-based metrics to assess process weaknesses, identify gaps, and implement opportunities to streamline and improve business operations.
  • Strategic Communications: WBD partnered with JSP senior leaders to develop and deploy a multi-media strategic communications program and a Plan of Actions & Milestones (POA&M) reaching public stakeholders, DoD customers, and employees. The team first collected workforce analytics, conducted focus groups, and benchmarked digital communication metrics to develop a baseline understanding of the environment.