Providing Cost Effective Education to Expand Access Nationwide


To provide high quality short-term technical assistance (STTA), WBD undertook an adaptive project that accommodated the interests and understanding of Mission staff. Although the initial contract stipulated an assessment of the Instiglio report, WBD staff went above expectations with two key components:

  • Assessing Instiglio’s Proposed Development Impact Bonds (DIBs): PSE Support worked transparently and interactively with the Mission to create a technical assessment of proposed DIBs. By contracting technical assistants and utilizing PSE Support’s expertise in PSE strategies, WBD created a high quality review of Instiglio’s study and potential applications for DIB financing. These findings were then presented in an interactive meeting with Mission staff.
  • Review of PfR Financing: Acknowledging that PfR is a new concept for many Mission staff, PSE Support offered a comprehensive overview of PfR financing and its various traits. To account for the Mission’s concerns with this form of financing, presentations and meetings presented a cost-benefit analysis of the use of PfR frameworks. Various avenues of PfR were assessed and showcased with their corresponding potential changes in educational outcome for Liberia. An additional case study review was undertaken to illustrate the applications of PfR financing elsewhere in the world and its potential impact for Liberia.