Secretary of Defense Communications (SDC) provides dedicated communications support, decision support, and situational awareness services to the secretary and deputy secretary of defense, their immediate offices, and designated special emissaries. WBD's consultants were requested for contingency acquisition and finance support services.


SDC requested WBD’s help in streamlining and stabilizing their acquisition operations. Their portfolio of high availability, interoperable, certified and accredited, multi-security level voice, video, and data services required an experienced set of consultants to analyze, manage, and improve.


SDC, like many Federal divisions has a well-oiled portfolio of assets such as contracts and materiel, but a long list of new requirements. Their high-profile clientele need the most innovative, secure, and high-performing communications equipment and services available, and they need it yesterday. The typical timelines, bureacracy, and hurdles associated with Federal Acqusition needed to be streamlined to meet the needs of the mission.


WBD consultants were dropped in and began instituting improvements from day one. Improvements included:

  • Supply Chain Analysis and Overwatch
  • Rapid Procurement Playbooks and Best Practices
  • Auditability and Sustainability Audits
  • Technology Business Management Analyses
  • Category Management Analyses
  • Requirement Elicitation
  • Cost Estimations and Forecasting