A Cross-Continent Solution for USAID


  • Comprehensive User Base Profile Report: Upon completion of all key informant interviews, focus group sessions, survey review and analysis, and technical/systems review, PSE Support developed a comprehensive User Base Profile Report. This report provided a detailed analysis of all findings from the team’s research and stakeholder engagement, outlining the prevailing CRM needs and challenges in the USAID organizational context.
  • Enterprise-Wide CRM: The User Base Profile Report provided key data points about the current relationship management issues and gaps at USAID and made recommendations about how an enterprise-wide CRM system could be designed to address specific challenges and enhance the overall effectiveness of staff engagement of the private sector. This included detailing how a new system can improve the following needs: staff collaboration; easy access to information; process improvement; and relationship tracking & data collection/reporting.
  • Overarching Enterprise Recommendations: The CRM User Base Profile Report ultimately informed a larger Enterprise Recommendation on a prospective relationship management solution, which was developed jointly by the PSE Hub and the Office of the CIO. This recommendation included a proposed platform solution, cost estimate over 5 years, and how the CRM would be incorporated alongside existing USAID IT infrastructure. This recommendation was reviewed by relevant USAID offices (e.g., public/legislative affairs; General Counsel; acquisition & assistance) before being cleared and formally submitted the Office of the USAID Administrator for final approval.