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Employee Spotlight: Carl Gorkos

October 7, 2021

What does a typical day in the life of an Acquisition Consultant look like? 

A typical day starts with checking the calendar and creating a task list and prioritizing items to work on for the day. I then peruse my favorite industry sites and read a few articles. Next, I check the dreaded email inbox for any interrupting actions and re-prioritize tasks as needed. I move on to work off my task list and focus effort on the tasks.  I try not to multitask and try my best to time box my efforts to get the tasks completed.  As meeting times approach, I prep by reviewing my notes and action items, make calls to collaborate on deliverable details or rehearse what I will present.  Through out the day there are often unpredictable events that force me to be flexible and adjust priorities.  Most of the day is communicating with the client and team members, reading requirement documents to provide insight on acquisition strategies or processes, collaborating on deliverable items, and providing programmatic support and coordination.   

More broadly as an Acquisition Consultant, I provide acquisition and subject matter expertise to identify, understand, analyze, articulate, and ensure compliance with acquisition contracting regulations, guidelines, policies, processes and procedures.  I provide knowledge and insight regarding relevant Federal and DoD contract management and administration guidance, including FAR, Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS), and other governing policies, processes, and procedures.    

What three skills do you think are essential to fulfil your role? 

  1. Knowledge of the Federal Acquisition Regulation and the Federal acquisition process 
  1. Experience executing, managing, and closing out Federal contracts 
  1. Communication—being able to interact with federal executive and varying levels of staff to develop their requirements and create the best acquisition strategy to meet their unique mission need. 

What do you like best about working at WBD? 

I enjoy the collaboration and multitude of talented team members I get the opportunity to work with.  People are what make an organization great, and we have great people!   

How do you think current teleworking will impact the future of work? 

The pandemic has forced the professional services industry to adapt to how they support their clients.  Government mandates have pushed companies to evaluate which workers need to have direct contact with clients and which workers can support via telework.  Telework has enabled companies to be more agile delivery solutions and brought about a change in culture that has increased trust, transparency, and openness within teams. The increase in client’s acceptance of telework provides a unique opportunity to leverage talent across the country and the globe to fill position that in the past “had to be local”.  This also provides a unique opportunity for the workforce to claw back time from commuting and apply it to balancing work and life/family.  Additionally, technology companies continue to produce better and better products that make telework an increasingly more valuable option.    

Describe WBD in three words. 

Talented, collaborative, and focused. 

Why did you choose WBD and what makes you stay? 

I interviewed with Keith and Scott.  They were genuine in their sentiments about WBD and what they were looking for in people to be a part of the WBD team.  I chose WBD because I could tell they were good leaders and having good leadership at the top of an organization is critical to its success. I stay because of the business culture, I like the people I work with, and the work we are doing is engaging and meaningful.           

What motivates you? 

I have always been driven by service to others and after serving in the military for 20+ years and living by the Army values, I am still motivated by them.  One of the values, selfless service, is the one that motivates me most in my work. I try to approach working with our clients as selfless as possible, so I truly listen to what they need help with. I strive to work with our clients to make things better and help them make better decisions.  Although, I’m no longer in uniform, I believe my efforts with WBD are helping our government be better and work better for my fellow Americans.   

What do you do outside of work? 

I’m mostly a family man outside of work.  My wife is still in the service, and we have four wonderful children ranging in age from 18 y.o. to 7 y.o.  I’m busy shuttling kids to events, taking care our home, or planning trips for the family.  We are very active outdoorsy family, doing things like skiing, hiking, and spending time at the lake boating.  Taking care of my family is my top priority.     

What advice do you have for new WBD employees?  

 Seek out challenges! If you are comfortable with what you’re doing then you aren’t growing. 

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