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Employee Spotlight – Rachel Moline

July 14, 2023

Meet Rachel Moline, a WBD Senior Associate who joined the firm in March of 2022. Rachel serves as an Acquisitions consultant and Executive Assistant for our clients in the US Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense and Department of Agriculture. She is also a part of the WBD Internal Communications team, a writer for the Intellectual Capital Group (ICG), the event coordinator for the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA) team and a member of the Acquisitions Solution Group (ASG)!

What does a typical day in the life of a Senior Associate look like?

I typically start my day with a very large cup of coffee and a deep dive into my many mailboxes, where inquiries, tasks, and meeting invites have likely piled up overnight. Once I’ve gone through my emails, I move to my ‘To Do’ list, which is what keeps me on track each day. I follow-up on items that are in process, I check on items that are ready to close out, and I see what other items need to be added to the list for that day. I often have client calls in the morning, so I will then spend time meeting with clients, discussing deliverables, and taking detailed notes of what needs to be accomplished. Depending on the week (and time of the Fiscal Year), I can have just one or two client calls per day up to 6+ client calls per day. It is always in flux, but that is part of what makes the job interesting!

When I am not working on client facing deliverables or tasks, I can be found working on DEIA initiatives, planning Lunch & Learns for the firm, or working on an article for our Intellectual Capital Group.

Once the day winds down, I usually make my way outside to go for a run or play a game of soccer with my team on the National Mall. I’ll then end the day with some Netflix or a good book.

What three skills do you think are essential to fulfill your role?

I think it is critical to be flexible, detail-oriented, and agile-minded.

As a member of the DEIA team, what does being a part of the DEIA team at WBD mean to you?

Being part of the DEIA team at WBD means being part of a change-making team who seeks to enhance every employee’s experience at the firm and celebrate the things that make each of us different.

What do you think is the value of DEIA across our contract work?

Not only does it enhance the firm’s internal culture, DEIA work also has the capability to cultivate a culture shift in the client sphere. Whether that is client work in the public or private sector, DEIA efforts help create culturally conscious employees, who are then able to share that perspective with clients, fostering a client-firm relationship built with foundational DEIA principles.

What is one thing you would like our followers to know about DEIA?

DEIA is crucial to maintaining a healthy, safe, and open work environment. At WBD, the DEIA team has been able to engage employees in tough conversations, educational forums, and other activities to help equip them with the tools they need to support clients and coworkers alike of all different backgrounds and create this type of open and healthy environment. While many topics are often uncomfortable, it is imperative that the struggles, obstacles, and issues faced by many employees are addressed in a thoughtful, conscientious manner. When issues impacting Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility are prioritized at a firm, more employees will feel safe, seen, and supported.

What advice do you have for people interested in becoming consultants? 

Don’t be afraid to take that first step! Ask questions, reach out to consulting professionals, and find where your passion and experience can intersect with client work. Coming from a background of Political Science and Government, I was not sure what to expect when joining a management consulting firm. Thankfully, WBD has provided me with invaluable tools to succeed, including 1:1 mentorship, professional development opportunities, and the best team of consultants you could ever ask to learn from.


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