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We partner with senior government officials to serve as force multipliers
for critical mission requirements

At the Federal level, WBD unlocks cost savings and crafts the innovations for business success. We do this by partnering with clients spanning the federal government to achieve mission requirements and meet 21st century demands.

Our clients span the federal space – from the U.S. Department of Defense and Department of Treasury to the Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Transportation. Together, we solve difficult problems and create innovative solutions to emerging problems. Our entrepreneurial culture helps to eliminate waste for our federal government counterparts, so that value can be added to improving the most essential government functions

Our Solutions

Supply Chain & Operations

WBD uncovers new solutions and processes, allowing organization’s to be able to make optimized decisions. The complex environments that our federal clients are operating in require holistic approaches to bring about the most sustainable solutions in procurement and project management.


  • Mobilizing Private Capital
  • Corporate Relationship Management
  • Private Sector Landscape Analysis
  • Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning


Our team is dedicated to sharing your story. Our designers, strategists, and digital experts have decades of experience partnering with senior federal officials to develop integrated marketing strategies, drive organizational change, and transform digital platforms.


Our strategists uncover new solutions and processes, allowing organizations to make optimized decisions. The complex environments that our federal clients are operating in require holistic approaches to bring about the most sustainable solutions.

Our Results

Success Story

Joint Service Provider

WBD worked alongside DISA JSP senior leadership, to develop the organization’s Fiscal Year 2021 – 2023 Strategic Plan and Roadmap. Our approach begins with collaborative planning, and gaining buy-in from all levels of a large organization. We also establish metrics to keep track of progress and to establish accountability for the organization’s specific tactics.

WBD believes that Strategic Planning is at its most successful when people are open to the possibility that there might be a much more effective and efficient way of looking at a problem. The key for any organization is to be more pro-active – by taking the time to think about an organization’s broad goals and directions, they can be better prepared to stand against unpredictable events.

Learn more about how our team facilitated leadership offsites, developed governance, and XXX.


WBD uses data analytics to allow our clients to do more with less. We combine internal and external data sets with data visualization and autonomous reporting functionality.


Success Story

Joint Service Provider

WBD leveraged data visualization capabilities to establish performance baselines, perform predictive analyses, and conduct data mining on a wide-range of enterprise management processes.

WBD has provided data analytics, including life-cycle cost estimating, in a variety of disparate areas. Our team is comprised of highly experienced professional staff who have obtained high industry certifications in data modeling and analytics

Learn more how WBD conducted more than 35 additional analyses for senior leaders across the U.S. Government.

Supply Chain & Operations

Blurb forthcoming.


Success Story

At the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA), WBD assists in the requirements development and other acquisition-related functions for the branches of Information Management & Technology (IM&T), Directorate, Business Operations – Contracts Directorate, Business Operations – Comptroller, and multiple Regional Centers.

Across these divisions, the project team provides consulting expertise in developing business case analyses for emerging requirements and assists requirements owners with cradle-to grave solutions and strategies for mission needs.



Working with over 55,000 stakeholders in three continents, WBD’s work is high-visibility and critical to operations in the domestic and international sphere. Our team has expertise in graphic design, technical writing, website development, and strategic messaging. We work to understand our partners’ audience and deliver top-quality content to ensure customer satisfaction


Success Story

Joint Service Provider (JSP)

While technology is able to solve many of our problems, WBD recognizes the challenges in making sure that human potential is maximized to solve organizational problems.

Learn more how WBD has worked with large agency reorganizations to successfully communicate and implement evolving policies.




WBD partners with clients to develop an enduring vision and refine tactical steps necessary to achieve performance-driven results. By identifying impediments and employing counter-strategies, we are able to provide strategic insights to organizations at every level.


WBD delivers cradle-to-grave acquisition support to its partners, transforming reactive processes into a modern, cohesive system. We help you make proactive and strategic decisions that create sustainable results.


Building for a New Climate Reality

Record-breaking costs in infrastructure damage are increasing every year due to climate-change disasters in the United States. Climate resilient infrastructure must be designed to meet the new climate reality, and mitigation measures added to existing structures.

“Buying Clean” and Sustainable Public Procurement: New Opportunities for Federal Contractors

Global warming due to greenhouse gas emissions is the number one threat to the environment and the economy for everyone, everywhere. To increase resilience to a changing climate, nearly every human activity must embrace more sustainable practices to limit global...

State of the Industry: Project Management Certification

Project management is a difficult discipline that cuts across organizations globally. Global demand for top-talent in project management continues to rise, and organizations are increasingly seeking advice on how to identify and hire the best project managers. In...

Human-Centered Design Solves Client Needs

Human-centered design offers innovative solutions by placing human needs at the center of the problem-solving process. The designers from organizations that employ human-centered design seek first to thoroughly understand the people who are experiencing the problem before crafting a solution to solve the needs of their clients.

Acquisition Alert: The PRICE Act of 2021

Shortening the Long Pole of the Acquisition Tent The Promoting Rigorous and Innovative Cost Efficiencies for Federal Procurement and Acquisitions Act of 2021 (PRICE Act of 2021) was signed by President Biden on 02/22/2022. The PRICE Act intends to improve acquisitions...

Change Management’s ADKAR Model

The ADKAR Model is a proven means to facilitate change management. The model provides a clear, step-by-step way for organizations to adopt new processes and procedures.

Five Steps for a Successful CRM Rollout

A well-defined CRM implementation plan that includes project management, testing, training, and appropriate tools can ensure as successful CRM rollout.

U.S. Federal Agencies Create New Technologies to Help Solve Climate Challenges

Three U.S. Federal agencies, the Department of Energy, USDA, and the EPA, are funding new research and technologies to tackle the climate crisis and reduce greenhouse gasses.

Private Sector Investment in Biotechnology Improves Global Vaccine Production and Distribution

Biomanufacturing plants for vaccine production and distribution is an expensive investment, confining most plants — and their vaccine distribution — to wealthier countries. Private sector investment in biomanufacturing in low-to middle-income countries can create the global health infrastructure necessary for equitable vaccine distribution.

Modernizing Financial Management Practices for the Department of Defense

]Multiple DoD financial management practices are rated “high-risk” according to two U.S. oversight bodies responsible for mitigating federal inefficiency and waste. The Government Accountability Office and DoD Inspector General cite ineffective financial management...

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