Selecting the Best Product to Achieve your Goals
WBD delivers cradle-to-grave acquisition support to its partners, transforming reactive processes into a modern, cohesive system. By zooming out and looking at the full buying potential, we make proactive and strategic decisions that create sustainable results.

How We Do It

Cradle-to-grave support to ensure a seamless acquisition strategy from concept through development and operation. This full service support includes pre-award, post-award, acquisition training, as well as, project and contract management

Establishment of Acquisition Policy to produce a unified standard and to serve as a change agent to help create procurement system that meets organizational goals, creates efficiencies and reduces cost

Contract management and administration support to ensure effective resource allocation, simplified work streams, and contract consolidations aligned with our client’s mission

Procurement Training

  • Performing Learning Needs Analysis
  • Creating program design, delivery
    mentorship and training modules
  • Outlining best practices in acquisition policy and organizational transformation

International Sales

  • Advising beyond the purchase of items and services to ensure national security and foreign policy goals are integrated into acquisition strategy
  • Forging fruitful relationship across the globe

Strategic Sourcing

  • Maximizing purchasing power through auditing services, research, and procurement advisory
  • Improving the value of every dollar spent and measuring budgetary impact

Market Research

  • Determining the availability of commercial products and services to identify and evaluate market practices
  • Finding viable sources to meet growing requirements

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