WBD stands among a unique handful of boutique consulting firms who consistently perform beyond expectations across commercial, federal, international, and state & local. Exceptional service offerings across all sectors are typically reserved for the few large consulting firms, where clients will encounter inflated rates and “one size fits all” solutions. WBD’s clients receive customized engagements with tailored solutions all while having in-depth expertise at their disposal across a vast array of subjects. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, our small and agile teams are making an impact for our clients around the globe.

Enhancing the operations, strategy, and differentiation of private sector clients

WBD looks forward to the opportunity to serve your organization and assist your employees in overcoming the difficult hurdles and transformations that are a reality for a high-performing company. We offer a wide range of services including change management, strategic sourcing, workforce performance analyses & enhancements, and organizational design & transformation. From integrating new management structures to conducting market forecasting and managing market-risk exposure, our comprehensive service offerings are designed to drive success while our consultants are equipped to help you Make Better Decisions.

Our Results

Supporting Fortune 500 Companies utilizing unique approaches

Success Stories

Commercial Defense Client

Through stakeholder needs identification and subcontract segmentation and analyses, WBD developed numerous savings strategies for targeted subcontracts, enabling the client to achieve significant cost savings on subcontracted labor spend across an $80-100M portfolio. WBD provided ongoing support and recommendations, including contract negotiation support, process restructuring, employee training, and change management services. WBD streamlined subcontract staffing levels and operations, all while allowing the client to remain focused on their core business operations.


Capital Planning and Investment Control

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Change Management’s ADKAR Model

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Five Key Principles to Optimize Budget Execution

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