WBD Awarded Additional MCC Indonesia Compact Work

WBD Awarded Additional MCC Indonesia Compact Work

WASHINGTON – Washington Business Dynamics (WBD), in partnership with Booz Allen Hamilton and Charles Kendall, has been awarded additional contract work by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) to establish and deliver sustainable procurement training programs to Indonesian government officials.

The training provided by WBD in Indonesia will enhance procurement functions and reduce opportunities for government corruption, in turn fostering economic growth. The contract calls for training more than 400 Indonesian public servants through course modules on various procurement strategies and specialty topics, such as negotiations, best IT acquisition practices and public speaking.

“A strong procurement system serves as the foundation for good governance,” said Scott Caldwell, WBD co-founder and president. “WBD is excited to continue its partnership with MCC and Indonesia to position the country for success.”

By introducing a more formal procurement system, WBD will promote public officials’ accountability and reduce government corruption. The same processes used to reduce U.S. government waste will be implemented by Indonesian officials following the training programs.

The five year, $600 million contract between the Indonesian government and MCC was launched in April 2013 and is designed to reduce poverty by promoting economic growth through three projects: the Green Prosperity Project; the community-based Nutrition to Prevent Stunting Project; and the Procurement Modernization Project. WBD works directly on the third initiative under its contract.

MCC is a United States foreign aid agency dedicated to fighting against global poverty and reinventing how U.S. assistance is delivered to developing nations. MCC distinguishes themselves from other foreign aid agencies by implementing smart government assistance to benefit both the developing country and U.S. taxpayers.

The additional MCC contract will join WBD’s clients including the Department of Defense, Department of Treasury and Walter Reed Army Institute for Research.