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WBD Employee Spotlight: Allie Gleich

January 22, 2021

Meet our Finance Team Associate Allie Gleich, who joined the WBD team in August after graduating from Lehigh University. As an economics major, Allie’s studies focused on econometrics, fiscal and monetary policy, and sustainability. Allie notes that throughout her job search she sought a career that combined her technical skills with critical thinking and problem solving. Her decision to join WBD was attributed to the “various opportunities for growth” and “the culture of ambitious and collaborative employees.” Allie shares, “Everybody at WBD recognizes the unique position they are in to create meaningful impact and sustainable change to the public sector.” Allie was confident that a career at WBD would expose her to a lot of dedicated, intelligent people that would further fuel her ambition.

Allie first became interested in government operations when she interned at the U.S. House of Representatives, where she worked with various federal agencies to monitor health benefits for her districts’ constituents. Allie also has experience in the international development space, where she supported an effort to pilot small-scale mushroom production in rural Sierra Leone. Over the course of two years, Allie and her team were able to help farmers utilize their rice straw waste as a lucrative mushroom spawning substrate. The project was successful in augmenting the annual income of these farmers and providing additional micronutrients to the larger community.

At WBD, Allie works with a Department of Defense client to assist with their billing and execution. She works to ensure that all funding is properly utilized and accounted for. In addition, Allie regularly looks into the efficiency of many government operations, where she provides a fresh perspective on dated government processes. She emphasizes the importance of efficiency and accuracy, when working on process improvement. When Allie is not assisting the Finance Team with billing and execution, she is often outside running, hiking, or finding a new workout class.

At WBD, our people make us great.

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