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WBD Employee Spotlight: Reed Kelly

May 14, 2021

Meet Reed Kelly, a WBD associate who joined the firm in December of 2020. Reed works with FEMA’s Office of the Chief Information Officer, primarily on program management and strategic planning. Supporting the federal government on IT and cybersecurity has been incredibly rewarding for Reed. “I think it is essential as a country that we develop public sector that can operate skillfully and effectively in the digital space. When I log in to work every day, I truly feel that my actions are improving services for Americans and preparing our government for the unique challenges that lie ahead,” he says.

In addition to his client work, Reed supports WBD’s knowledge management and strategic communications teams, helping to improve both the firm’s external messaging and its internal operations. “‘Entrepreneurial spirit’ is one of WBD’s core values, and that’s more than just marketing,” he shares. Reed’s interest in the ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’ campaign grew from his experiences working with the firm’s leadership. “Leadership encourages employees to get involved in firm-wide initiatives and share new ideas. Being able to take on real responsibility at this stage in my career has been a great opportunity for professional growth.”

It is that small-firm community, coupled with WBD’s global reach, that drew Reed to the company. “WBD really does have the best of both worlds,” he says. “We have a broad range of experience across the federal, defense, and international development sectors, while still retaining the agile and creative thinking of a start-up.”

Prior to joining WBD, Reed worked in political fundraising during the 2020 election cycle. Before that, he graduated magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania in May of 2020. At Penn, he earned a B.A. in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) with a concentration in Globalization, along with a minor in Ancient History.  “I’m a history and politics nerd, so working in DC has been a blast,” he says of his decision to move to the capital. In his spare time, Reed enjoys hiking, traveling, and reading, but asks for no name puns!

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