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WBD Launches Mentorship Program

September 28, 2020

After a pilot phase this past year, Washington Business Dynamics (WBD) has rejuvenated its Mentorship Program geared toward honing employee development and fostering team-building across the firm.

After surveying team members’ preferences and interests as well as feedback from the piloted program, the WBD leadership team and the the mentorship committee carefully paired mentors with mentees.

The mentorship program captures the culture of WBD as a vibrant fast-growing firm. The updated program will be tailored to mentee’s areas of interest, fostering an environment of cross-pollination and networking throughout the company.

With COVID-19 altering how the world conducts business, WBD’s mentorship program will include managing professional experiences during the pandemic. Other topics of mentorship include resume improvement, public speaking, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and creating long-term career paths.

Mentors are equipped with a guide to help navigate the mentorship process and uniquely tailor it to their mentee. At its core, being a mentor is being a trusted advisor. It can mean a variety of things, but it all boils down to making yourself available to support and advise someone when they need it, delivering that support in a way that makes sense to them, and always keeping that person’s best interests in mind.

“WBD is recognized as one of the top, forward-leaning consulting firms in the Americas, and as we continue to grow, it’s important for us to invest in our workforce,” said WBD President Scott Caldwell. “We recruit top talent to support our clients, and we want to show our employees that we are invested in their professional development.”

WBD also launched a Professional Development Reading list as part of the program that includes topics of emotional intelligence, change management and leadership.

The mentorship program captures and strengthens WBD’s core value of Collaborative Execution. WBD consultants work as a unit and understand the multiplication that occurs when individuals with complementary strengths work with one another. By pairing mentors and mentees, this Collaborative Execution is deeply enhanced to a newer level.



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