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WBD Message to Federal Counterparts, Partners, & Friends in the Age of COVID

May 1, 2020


Dear Federal Counterparts, Partners, and Friends –

Washington Business Dynamics (WBD) was founded on the enduring belief that an agile and principled firm could forge a meaningful place in the world of public service. This belief has translated into one of WBD’s core values – a relentless spirit.

While our team navigates this time of uncertainty, we want to assure you that our team is committed to you. Together, we will remain resilient in serving our customers, supporting our community, and forging a new path forward.

Serving Our Customers

First and foremost, our team is committed to ensuring high-quality services. Your missions, now more than ever, are vital to our nation’s security. As we have witnessed our Federal Government counterparts rise to the unique challenges of this pandemic and sacrifice for the greater good, we remain flexible and resilient in our support. We have deployed new communication methods and systems that enable our team to effectively maintain your operations at home and abroad. While we might not be sitting near you, we assure you that our team has never been stronger and more ready to support you.

Supporting Our Community

As a firm, we are thankful to work in a knowledge economy, one in which we are able to maintain our daily operations from home. However, we understand that not everyone in our community is so fortunate. We are proud of our employees for developing, organizing, and managing an initiative to give back to the community. Following their example, WBD is matching 100% of our employee contributions to COVID-19 relief organizations.

Forging a Path Forward

We are impressed with our team’s continuous ability to adapt. Individuals are rising to the challenge of juggling somber headlines, a new work environment, and unexpected changes in daily life – all while continuing to deliver excellent service to our clients.  As we navigate this unprecedented time, we are thankful to be working alongside one another.

Be safe and be well.

Scott Caldwell, Keith Fawcett, & Nicolas Rivard


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