Reforms Supported by WBD Earn Government $30 Million in Savings

Reforms Supported by WBD Earn Government $30 Million in Savings

WASHINGTON — An information technology (IT) focused Department of Defense (DoD) agency, recently announced that it had saved $30 million in FY2016. Washington Business Dynamics (WBD) has served as the agency’s primary consultant concerning organizational strategy, finance expertise, and acquisition reform.

“WBD is proud to play a role in building a more fiscally responsible and efficient Pentagon agency,” said WBD Co-Founder and President Scott Caldwell. “Helping the government streamline its strategy, acquisition, and management process is the core of what we do, and we’re proud to see our support pay-off, especially when that means delivering a tangible benefit to the DoD, and ultimately, the warfighter.”

To support this achievement in government savings, WBD’s team concentrates on consolidating requirements through a strategic acquisition process in order to eliminate duplicative costs within the DoD. The Department estimates that the agency’s work, supported by WBD, will create an additional estimated savings of $354.3 million in FY17-21.

In the wake of growing budget cuts and regulation requirements, WBD understands that government agencies need innovative support in order to achieve mission success.

“The government’s need for innovative acquisition practices is illuminated tenfold when supporting IT-centric projects,” continues Caldwell. “Modernization and adaptation are key to maintaining a fiscally responsible and operationally progressive Department.”

WBD successfully delivers support to multiple government agencies by providing a holistic approach to the acquisition lifecycle — transforming reactive, fragmented practices into a single, proactive process.

In addition to supporting the agency’s acquisition department, WBD provides comprehensive financial management and organizational design services to their government client, as well as strategic communications support.