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WBD Wellness Month

April 30, 2020


WBD consultant Adair Bramlett begins and ends her work days in the same manner that she did before the COVID-19 pandemic began, albeit now wearing a face mask and gloves.  “I go on ‘fake commutes’—twenty to thirty minute walks just to make sure that I get my steps in and start/end my day on the right mindset,” she explained.

WBD has been fortunate enough to continue performing its mission from home during these trying times.  However, being kept indoors and secluded from other people can be a strain on the physical and mental wellness of our team.  Like Adair and her “fake commutes,” every member of our team has adapted to telecommuting with their own tricks and habits to upkeep their overall health.  Whether cooking healthy snacks, undertaking creative goals, or even taking a mid-day dance break to their favorite Bruce Springsteen song, every WBD employee has adapted to the times with creative ways to promote their wellness.

Accordingly, the firm launched its third annual Wellness Month to encourage personal health and team morale during mandatory shelter-in-place orders. WBD team members log their wellness-based activities daily, such as running, yoga, healthy eating, and meditation.  Additionally, participants receive points for hosting virtual game nights, or recommending personal wellness tips to the team via Slack.

Already, the competition’s produced some creative and fun results in regards to the wellness and cohesion of the firm.  Leanne Reisz and Brittney Bookout hosted a “Chopped” themed virtual cooking contest in which participants whipped up a dish using tofu, ramen noodles, oranges, and leeks.  Lauren Carter pledged to memorize a favorite scene from a movie and present it virtually at the end of the month. Individually, firm employees are running, walking, meditating, and uncovering new ways to stay physically and mentally fit while observing local and national social distancing guidelines.

WBD will be granting weekly winners a special wellness prize and a grand winner for the month in the beginning of May. The firm remains committed to ensuring its employees remain safe and healthy as we navigate the circumstances around COVID-19.

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